I’m a 3D,2D Artist / Animator / Visualiser.
I cover a wide range of 3d and 2d disciplines, from modelling, animation, vector/raster and motion graphics.
A graphics generalist if you will !

Product Design/visualisation – I can produce a sharp, photorealistic visualisation, at any stage of the project.
Logo Design – I can create an eye catching logo that represents what your company is all about.
Product and Advertisement Imagery – From cosmetics to cars, I can prepare photorealistic CGI images of consumer products for web and print.
Engineering Visualisation – I can produce 3d animations and 2d drawings of bespoke or mass produced items.
Technical Drafting – I can produce accurate drawings and plans of objects and spaces.
Architectural Visualisation – From architectural drawings or CAD files, exterior and interior photorealistic visualisations can be produced. From a small single residence to a large commercial development.
Interior Design – Interior visualisations can be created and decorated in traditional or contemporary designs; with associated furnishings to show off the full potential of the space whether it’s a lounge, bathroom or office environment.
Motion Design – I can produce everything from an animated logo to a fly through of a building.
Image Manipulation – I can retouch old photographs, remove unwanted elements, add additional elements

Software I use includes:
3ds Max
After Effects

I come from an engineering/technical background.
I have served in the RAF as a radar technician. I have also been involved with Sonar research / development and wireless broadband internet.
Running parallel with those ‘day jobs’ I also had a passionate and curious interest in computer graphics.
My first exposure to 3D was with ‘Imagine’ and ‘Real3d’ on the mighty Commodore Amiga. It only took about 1.5 days to render a textured  torus, but I was hooked.
Also on the Amiga, I got my first taste of 2D raster graphics, painting, colour manipulation etc. with ‘DPaint’. This was years before Photoshop was even a twinkle in a Thomas Knoll’s eye. The brakes were let off when Kinetix released 3d studio for DOS. Then it was hard down on the accelerator when 3ds MAX for Windows was released.
Then came Adobe…the rest is history!

These days we have NURBS/ Sub-division surfaces, brute force rendering, Global Illumination/IBL, machine learning, PBR materials, VR/AR, GPU rendering, photogrammetry and on and on.
Luckily I’m old enough and experienced enough to have seen and used them all from their outset. So just about anything is achievable !